Withdrawing cash in UK and abroad

I have curve black at the moment and reside in the UK, so I’m able to withdraw £200 from UK cash machine and £400 from abroad without charge. If I was to withdraw £200 tomorrow (1st of the month), will I still be able to withdraw £400 abroad without charge in the same month or will the UK withdraw impact the amount I can withdraw from abroad ATMs?

Hey there @Spark.Lyon :wave:

The only withdrawals that will go towards your fee-free FX ATM withdrawal limit will be ones that include a currency conversion by Curve.

So assuming that when making your transactions in the UK your underlying payment card will be set to GBP, these withdrawals won’t go towards your fee-free FX ATM withdrawal limit.

If you then go abroad and there is currency conversion involved in the withdrawals, these transactions will then go towards your limit.

Let me know if that makes sense! :grin:

It does

To make sure i’ve got it, in any given calendar month, I can withdraw £200 from a UK machine with an underlining card set to GBP and I can withdraw £400 from a foreign ATM, assuming the transaction is in a non GBP currency and i don’t choose the conversion to GBP at the machine.


Sorry I should have been more clear in my original message. These limits don’t apply per calendar month, but instead we work on a rolling 30-day month. A 30-day rolling limit means that the combined total of all transactions you’ve made during a 30 day period cannot exceed the limit set on your account. Once you reach day 31, transactions you’ve completed on day 1 of the 30 day period will start to “drop off” and your limit will increase again by the amount of the transaction that’s “dropped off” at the beginning.

We start you off with ATM withdrawal limits of £200 per day and £3500 per 30 day period. This means you could potentially withdraw £3100 in GBP and another £400 in another currency over a 30 day period and it would all be fee-free.

Which is incredibly unfriendly for users.

Although works out fine if all shown in app with respect to limits. I note Monzo do the same for ATM withdrawals.