Won’t let me upgrade - help!

I’m trying to upgrade to metal, however, system won’t let me. Currently curve blue cardholder - just registered last week. It will let me upgrade to black, but nothing happens when I click to upgrade to metal. Tried it on a few devices. Have deleted and reinstalled the app. What’s going on? Not left before HMRC deadline!

(I’ve also tried both blue and rose gold coloured cards. Neither work. Interestingly I can load the insurance IPID document, but T&Cs won’t open up - no reaction)

Contact support I am sure in a week or two they will be able to help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are you sure you even want to pay for this?

If so, be strong! :slight_smile:

Hey @dbuy welcome to the Community!

Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do on the forum as we don’t have access to your account here. It’s best to get in touch with our support team through email (support@curve.app) or Twitter DM (AskCurve) so they can take a look!

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