Wooden card

Just an idea, offer not only regular plastic and metal cards, but also wooden cards such as
https://www.tomorrow.one/de-de/holzkarte Visa
https://www.bavarian-geek.de/treecard-der-welt-1-mastercard-aus-holz/ MasterCard

What a… :scream::exploding_head: What material will be next, glass? :dizzy_face:

things mankind has been waiting for centuries :crazy_face:

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Another one! - https://www.treecard.org/

Already linked :wink:

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Ah OK, I hadn’t clicked through to the articles just didn’t see it directly linked :smiley: :blush:

The Italian fintech, have this card https://www.flowe.com/carta-e-conto/

The Flowe Card is the wooden debit card that respects strict environmental standards and more when you request it thanks to the collaboration with ZeroCo2 we will dedicate a tree to you

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