Worries about double charging

I am new to curve, haven’t yet used it but have read a bit about double charges and not getting refunded.
I’ve read that recently curve has gone downhill for reliability.
Should I be worried or continue to use. I cannot afford any double charges

As I understand from personal experience most likely temporarely double charge can happen if/when merchants fail to take funds within 7 days for some reason. Then money is automatically refunded by Curve, but it can take a while to reflect on your underlaying card (for me it took 9 days). During that time marchant re-charge your purchase as delayed (offline) transaction and thats when double charge happens. It will be fixed eventually (at least it was for me), when refund actually hits your underlaying card, but it can take some time.

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It’s been pretty reliable for me. It does help if you have some basic understanding of how card payment processing works under the hood. It doesn’t help that many banks have terrible online banking systems and apps that don’t update in real-time, don’t differentiate between authorizations and actual charges, showing authorizations that have already been captured (so it looks like double charge), etc.

On the rare occasion Curve has a hiccup, I just let it do its thing and so far it has always automatically solved itself within a few days.


Welcome to Community! @moon and @nvk have provided some great explanations. The double charges are something that occurs occasionally as it has to do with the merchant’s communication with Curve but if you get in contact with support, it can be dealt with much quicker than the 7 day period.