Worries about insurance cover for those on the extended Black Trial

After trying to find out some information on the Black Trial that’s been extended, I asked about travel insurance. Our ‘trial’ has been extended until July 28th, I was under the impression that until then we are full ‘black’ subscription tier members.

I wanted to ensure I was covered by travel insurance to ensure I didn’t need to purchase any more. They came back and said they need to check…

I feel like if they’re not 100% sure then they cannot advertise trial customers as being on the subscription tier with al the features and benefits. For something as vital as travel insurance, they really can’t be flakey with this!


That is worrying wow.

Not only should they not advertise trial members as having the benefits. They definitely cannot advertise travel insurance along with it. What if something were to happen and requiring a claim on the insurance and AXA come back with ‘sorry you’re not covered, as you’re only on the trail’?!

Indeed, that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Have you seen this https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.axa.co.uk @dan_baker? One of the worst ratings I’ve ever seen. A whopping 88% rated it bad.

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I had not… That’s very worrying indeed.

Are the rules of not being allowed two different travel insurance policies still in force?

Not sure I trust Curve enough to honour it, or AXA enough to pay out…

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Hi Dan, we understand your concern. To clarify, whilst you are on the trial version of the Curve Black card, you will have insurance cover.

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You get a policy number in the Curve app if you’re covered…

There are no generic rules saying you cannot have two policies covering you for the same thing.

However, some policies have a clause saying you must claim from any other cover you have before you claim from them.

I have a separate travel policy to the one I have from Curve which is significantly better (and cheaper), but does not have this clause, so I simply have to make sure I claim from my better policy before claiming from Curve for any areas where their policy has higher limits.

It’s a shame people seem to be reviewing AXA so poorly - although the Curve AXA is truly incredibly terrible (has anyone ever actually managed to get through to a customer service advisor? I haven’t), I’ve had a number of AXA provided policies provided under third party brands which are truly top rate.

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Might be worth Curve sorting out another insurer if the 88% of people are correct (which they normally are)