Wrong fx rates displayed when withdrawing foreign currency from ATM

There is clearly wrong FX rates displayed when taking cash from ATM in foreign currency.

Screenshot below:

1euro is not 99lkr, but more like 200lkr.

p.s. FX rates are correctly displayed when making purchases. This affects only ATM withdrawals.

p.s.s. I remember this same bug was reported earlier somewhere in forum by somebody else with japanese currency.

Using Curve app version 2.12.13 (android).

I can confirm this is the case for cash. For what it’s worth, the difference is always 1/2. So for example the rate should have been ~1.18 but it was shown as ~0.59. So to get the correct figure, just multiply your 99.87 by 2 = 199.74.

I have reported this to support. Yes it is always 50%.

Take a screenshot and send it to support as well. The more ppl send the faster they will fix it.

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