Wrong go back on time card selected


I managed to select the wrong go back in time card when I tried to move a transaction.

I have tried to contact support last week, but haven’t had a response

Anyone else had this issue?

Dear bankn,

according to Curve, you can only use this feature once per transaction. If so, only the support can help you. However, this is currently a bit overloaded, as you may have already noticed or not noticed. Just wait, they will get in touch with you.

Good luck to you anyway.

Best wishes.

My wait time is 1 month
Still waiting

Dear Hup,

Have you tried asking them on Twitter why they are not responding?

Best Wishes

I had forgotten about it :slightly_smiling_face:

Please note when the support desk moves your transaction, the MCC used is 8999 at all times, not the original MCC of the transaction. When you move it yourself, the original MCC of the original transaction is used on the “move to” card.