Wrong MCC Code Passed to Card Issuer

All of my transactions are showing as “money transfer” on my linked MC debit card. Why isn’t the correct MCC code being passed (e.g. restaurant)?

Hello @jamietopol,

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is it shown in the Curve app or your issuing bank’s app?
If it’s your issuing bank app then it could be that your issuing bank detects Curve transactions and recognizes them as “money transfers” otherwise please contact customer support.


The Curve app shows the transaction as “Eating Out.”
The banking app for my debit card shows the transaction category as “Money Transfers” and the transaction description is “CRV*CAFE ZUPAS ONLINE, Brooklyn, NYUS” (Cafe Zupas is the name of the restaurant - I ordered via their online website, but I had the same experience when I ordered directly at a restaurant earlier this week).

Then this is an issue with your issuing bank and not a Curve card issue.
It’s your issuing bank who changed the MCC Code internally then.