Wrong transaction from Amazon refunded

Hi Curve,

How can I contact support effectively?

I have an Amazon transaction (£58.33) that I have cancelled and refund was processed 5 or 6 days ago by Amazon.

Today I receive a notification of another Amazon transaction (£24.35) refunded and right after another credit of this same amount (£24.35).

What exactly is happening here and how I can contact support to get this figured out ASAP?


The worst part now is that instead of a refund of £58.33 I have now on my credit card an additional £24.35 expenditure as no refund has reached my credit card…I will now pay £82.68 this month which should have been debited on my credit card.

Not good Curve…

You best email support@curve.app. I don’t believe there is a phone number for these kinds of issues just yet (phone support is only for blocking a card).

@Malik Thanks. Will do.

@bruno_leal: I have also seen slight delays in refund transactions being processed, but a support ticket with a screenshot of the cancelled/refunded transaction has helped speed up the process. Rest assured, the money is always refunded.

@w.joseph the problem is not the delay. The problem is that they messed up and refunded the wrong transaction…not sure how or why. And the main problem is that the month is ending and all these mistakes will make me pay more on my monthly statement, even though I trust that it will be solved next month the latest.

My bad! I completely misread the post, but that’s definitely weird.

@w.joseph No worries. It’s actually strange yes, but as I’ve read in other posts Curve is struggling a bit with refunds which worries me as it’s something not frequent, but definitely not rare either.