Wrong transaction refunded

Just an oddity here, as I got the right amount of money back. I recently made 2 transactions at Argos, different days, one for around 400 pounds and another a couple of days later for around 90. The latter I cancelled immediately as I realised the spec wasn’t suitable. A few days later I got an “updated receipt” showing that rather than reversing the 90 pound transaction, they’d taken 90 off the 400! At the end of the day I’ve still got my money back, but my transaction history is incorrect.

Hey! This might have been because the refund was matched to the other transaction, as it’s matched to the retailer name when refunded. Feel free to give our support team a message if you’d like to check up on this, either in-app or by emailing support@curve.app. They’ll be able to take a look!

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Thanks Keria I’ll compose something tomorrow, and give support more accurate details than I posted above.