Wrongly recognized as russian card bin, re-issue a new card?

Hey guys, my curve card bin starts with 553963, which is poorly recognized as a UK bin as it should be. Most website or apps recognized it as a Russian card bin…and it causes so many inconvenience.

What can I do about this please? Ask curve support to re-issue me a new one, or buy a metal card? I am stuck in a foreign country though.

And strange that my curve virtual card has the same number with my physical card, which shouldn’t be the case either.


Thanks Markus! I am not sure which database is true. Some bin database tell me that it is a UK card. And some online merchants recognize it as a UK card while some don’t. Should I call for a replacement or a mental card? And strange that my curve virtual card has the same number with my physical card, which shouldn’t be the case either.

Many of the free online BIN databases are out of date and reflect old allocations. If possible I’d just give it time and gradually all retailers (who will be using more up to date ones anyway) should recognise it as a UK one as they update their databases.

If you’re not sure, you can check the only real source of truth: the Mastercard Bin Lookup table at: Mastercard BIN Checker | BIN Range Lookup Table

From here, there’s several bins starting with 5539 63 associated to Curve OS Ltd:
5539 6300 to 5539 6313 → France
5539 6326 to 5539 6339 → Spain
5539 6352 to 5539 6365 → Portugal
5539 6378 → Romania
5539 6391 → Liechenstein

If yours is one of these and the business doesn’t detect it properly, it’s on them: they haven’t updated their BIN databases.


I wouldn’t advise that as the new card would probably have the same BIN.

Only CVC and expiry date should be different.

…until activation of physical card. after that number in the app will be the same as the one written on the card

True, many thanks! I told the merchant that they are using the old database but they just won’t transfer the case to the tech team…

True, now the virtual card and the physical card got the same information so kinda useless. Curve can create a virtual card as revolut does I think.

Will the mental card still holds the same bin too? Or the card bin will be UK ones? Thanks!

Great information! Thank you! So actually curve does issue different card bin to different countries? I guess the black and metal ones too? So actually my card bin belongs to France? What a mess of different databases though…

‘In the beginning’ all the Curve cards had a UK BIN. Since a while though all the new cards (for all subscriptions; blue, black, metal) have a country specific BIN. So if you are living in France your current Curve card, but also all the other Curve cards you might receive in the future, will have a French BIN.

Ah got it, thank you! Would like to have a UK bin too!

Can I have a mental card as well please.

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Nice one! :rofl: