Xiaomi Mi Band 6 with NFC support

Now that Xiaomi is about to offer their Mi Smart Band 6 with NFC outside China, would be a great time to talk with them and start implementing support for it… Unless you already are working on that, like some European banks already do :slight_smile:

Mi Bands are by far the most popular wearables, because they are cheap and offer reasonable battery life. And because they are relatively low-tech, they will probably support a single card at once - perfect fit for Curve.

I wonder the same. :slight_smile:

I am seeing a lot of articles (here for example) in Polish techportals stating that Curve supports Xiaomi Pay and we can start using Mi Band 6 NFC with Curve. Although, I did not find any confirmation that it is truth. Especially that I found news articles that Germany has new Curve Rewards, what made me more skeptical about whole situation. Is Xiaomi Pay in Poland supported by Curve? Is it verified information? Can I buy Mi Band and pair it with my curve card safely or is it only rumor? I do not want to be sadly disappointed after purchase.

Found the video below (added to YouTube today) of a user that seems/claims to be making a payment in Poland with his Curve card added to his Mi Band 6.

In another video (see below) someone seems to be able to choose Curve when adding a card to his Mi Band 6.

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Seems that it works! Thanks @poeliev!

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Doesn’t work for me - when trying to add Curve card, Mi Fit asks for code from SMS, but it never arrives.

Make sure your number is up to date in the curve settings, I remember an issue with country codes a while back with Apple Pay!

Well, after tapping retry button about 5 times, SMS eventually arrived.

Maybe they are overwhelmed (at least in my country, Curve is basically only chance to use payments with Mi Band for most people as outside it only one niche bank and one other Fintech supports it for now).

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Adding Curve works for me. What I found tricky and annoying though, was that I needed to switch my Android phone system language to Polish from English (US), as otherwise MI Fit wouldn’t let me add or later even manage my bank cards, throwing an error that I supposedly live in an unsupported region. Haven’t paid with it yet, hopefully I won’t need to keep my phone system language set different to what I prefer in order to be able to pay with my new band.

Strange, I added card without an issue with language set to Polish.

Though maybe there is a difference depending on Mi Fit version (on Android there are 2: one distributed via Play Store with Google Fit integration and one for other stores without it, I use the first).

He had issues with English language and had to set
his phone to Polish language, to be able to configure Xiaomi Pay. Not opposite. :wink: Seems that for application, phone language determines location, not gps or account’s location field.

Maybe it is better for users from other EU countries. One time configuration with Polish language and they can use their Curve cards on their Mi Band 6 NFC.

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@poeliev How about Romania country? Will Curve work on mi band 6 NFC to pay in stores?

Everyday I am looking for an official announcement from Curve or a topic in their help pages about Xiaomi pay and in which countries it will work with Curve, but until now no luck.
Have you seen any Romanian articles or videos on the web about it (there have been Polish and Italian ones)? If so, feel welcome to post them here.
If you already own a Mi band 6 NFC and you are able to add your Curve card to it (please confirm in this community if you are able to), then you should be able to pay with it in Romania everywhere MasterCard is accepted.

No, not yet, I was just asking.