Xiaomi Mi Band 6 with NFC support

Well, after tapping retry button about 5 times, SMS eventually arrived.

Maybe they are overwhelmed (at least in my country, Curve is basically only chance to use payments with Mi Band for most people as outside it only one niche bank and one other Fintech supports it for now).

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Adding Curve works for me. What I found tricky and annoying though, was that I needed to switch my Android phone system language to Polish from English (US), as otherwise MI Fit wouldn’t let me add or later even manage my bank cards, throwing an error that I supposedly live in an unsupported region. Haven’t paid with it yet, hopefully I won’t need to keep my phone system language set different to what I prefer in order to be able to pay with my new band.

Strange, I added card without an issue with language set to Polish.

Though maybe there is a difference depending on Mi Fit version (on Android there are 2: one distributed via Play Store with Google Fit integration and one for other stores without it, I use the first).

He had issues with English language and had to set
his phone to Polish language, to be able to configure Xiaomi Pay. Not opposite. :wink: Seems that for application, phone language determines location, not gps or account’s location field.

Maybe it is better for users from other EU countries. One time configuration with Polish language and they can use their Curve cards on their Mi Band 6 NFC.

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@poeliev How about Romania country? Will Curve work on mi band 6 NFC to pay in stores?

Everyday I am looking for an official announcement from Curve or a topic in their help pages about Xiaomi pay and in which countries it will work with Curve, but until now no luck.
Have you seen any Romanian articles or videos on the web about it (there have been Polish and Italian ones)? If so, feel welcome to post them here.
If you already own a Mi band 6 NFC and you are able to add your Curve card to it (please confirm in this community if you are able to), then you should be able to pay with it in Romania everywhere MasterCard is accepted.

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No, not yet, I was just asking.

In the footer of this page all countries and banks are named where mi smart band 6 NFC payments are available:

Supported banks list (updating):

  2. Czech Republic: Curve, Československá obchodní banka, a.s.;
  3. Denmark, Finland, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia: Curve;
  4. Italy: Curve, Nexi Payments;
  5. Poland: ZEN, POCZTOWY, SGB, Curve;
  6. Sweden: Curve, Swedbank;
  7. Ukraine: AlfaBank, PJSC CB PRIVATBANK, JSC Oschadbank, OJSC Universal Bank, PJSC Bank Vostok, Public JSC First Ukrainian International Bank;
  8. Russia: VTB, AlfaBank, Raiffeisenbank, BANK OTKRITIE, Credit Bank of Moscow, Credit Europe Bank, Gazprombank, Post Bank, Promsvyazbank, RSB (Russian Standard Bank), Russian Agricultural Bank JSC, Soyuz, TINKOFF BANK, YOOMONEY NBCO LLC, MTS Bank, PJSC ROSBANK.

Hi, what about Romania country, no Curve support in this country on Mi Band 6 NFC? I’m using Curve card in Romania country on Apple Watch, Fitbit versa and it’s awesome, I really hope it will work with Mi smart band 6 NFC in Romania as well as soon as possible.

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I think you will need to contact Xiaomi first to implement this payment method in Romania. Then it will be supported by Curve. In Poland we have the same issue with Samsung. Samsung Pay watches are released, but Samsung Pay payments are not enabled, even if Curve supports it in different countries.

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In the Dutch Pepper ‘community’ a Dutch Curve user has reported that he has bought the band and has added his Curve card to it and paid with it, though the Netherlands is not on the list of officially supported countries/banks. So though I am not 100% sure, I think it will already work with Mi smart band 6 NFC in Romania as well.


Thanks! I wonder if is someone from Romania to confirm that they successfully paid with Mi Smart band 6 NFC in Romania stores using Curve card (just to be 100% sure), I thought the same as you @poeliev, I really hope you are right.

Like @poeliev said, you should try and see if is working in your country (even if Curve card is not on the official list)

How did he/she add Curve card in the Xiaomi wear app /Mi Pay if it can’t select a eligible country with bank support?

My guess…by selecting a different country and then selecting Curve as the bank. Or by selecting the Netherlands (if though it’s not on the ‘list’ of the official supported countries it still is in the drop-down to choose from) as a country.
I have posted a link to this topic in the Pepper ‘community’ with your question. Let’s hope we will get an answer.

Edit 1: The user shared a video where can be seen that before you enter the menu where you need to select a country and bank (the video confirms that many countries show no supported banks when selected) the Curve card has already been selected. I am still discussing with this user, but I guess since the Curve card has already been added it’s also possible the user just skipped the step where the country needed to be selected.

Edit 2: The user confirmed that the menu where you can select the country (and bank) is not needed to set up your Curve card with Xiaomi pay.

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Has anyone in the UK been successful adding a card and actually used it to pay? I have just ordered my MI band 6 NFC version hoping it works fine.

Yeah, I’d like to know this too

I have just added my Curve (UK) card to MI band 6 NFC version. I will be testing the payment feature tomorrow during the day and give feedback.


I can reliably confirm that I have paid with my MI band 6 NFC contactless at Sainsburys supermarket (UK) with my Curve card


NFC version now available on Amazon UK, with ad space for Curve