Xiaomi Mi Band 6 with NFC support

How did he/she add Curve card in the Xiaomi wear app /Mi Pay if it can’t select a eligible country with bank support?

My guess…by selecting a different country and then selecting Curve as the bank. Or by selecting the Netherlands (if though it’s not on the ‘list’ of the official supported countries it still is in the drop-down to choose from) as a country.
I have posted a link to this topic in the Pepper ‘community’ with your question. Let’s hope we will get an answer.

Edit 1: The user shared a video where can be seen that before you enter the menu where you need to select a country and bank (the video confirms that many countries show no supported banks when selected) the Curve card has already been selected. I am still discussing with this user, but I guess since the Curve card has already been added it’s also possible the user just skipped the step where the country needed to be selected.

Edit 2: The user confirmed that the menu where you can select the country (and bank) is not needed to set up your Curve card with Xiaomi pay.

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Has anyone in the UK been successful adding a card and actually used it to pay? I have just ordered my MI band 6 NFC version hoping it works fine.

Yeah, I’d like to know this too

I have just added my Curve (UK) card to MI band 6 NFC version. I will be testing the payment feature tomorrow during the day and give feedback.


I can reliably confirm that I have paid with my MI band 6 NFC contactless at Sainsburys supermarket (UK) with my Curve card


NFC version now available on Amazon UK, with ad space for Curve

Do you have a link?

This is the One I bought from eBay. Ebay seller did next day delivery even though it was showing estimates of 31 December . I finally landed on their website if you don’t want to use eBay Smarttek UK

And this is the Amazon link

Edit: Added eBay seller official website


I see on Mi Smart Band 6 NFC - Xiaomi Global Official that Curve in Xiaomi Pay is officialy implemented in UK, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and Sweden. I see it is slowly growing, but still we did not receive any official announcement.

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Been using Mi Band 6 NFC with Curve in the UK for almost a month now… I’m LOVING it!! I’m quite surprised there wasn’t any ads out there about this. I only found out about the availability of Mi Band 6 NFC after visiting this forum.

I replaced my Curve card, new card can not be added to MI band 6 like the previous card.
I get error 9000

Hi also have a Mi Band 6 NFC which again refuses to activate my card. I assume it is all linked. Error message attached.

My Mi Band is working, support needed to change something on my account, at least one thing is working

I have been able to re-add my Curve card now.

Today, at UK Aldi, I tried to pay using Mi Band 6 NFC, but the card reader response was ’ payment type not supported '.

Can you confirm which shops accept it?

Any shops that accept visa/MC… . I used it as my daily method of payment. From TFL to parking machines and even those mobile card readers like sumup… all works.

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You tapped too early. You have to wait for the 60s timer to show on the band after selecting the card.
I only get that message when I tap early otherwise I haven’t had any problems with making payments

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Thanks for that. It’s works perfectly now.

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