Yonda Card and Dozens Acceptance

Hi Curve Team,

Just wondering if you could allow Yonda cards to be added to Curve?


Dozens as well? https://dozens.com

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Have found them pretty poor so far - automated passport process didn’t work, account still not open a week later!

Had my Dozen’s about a week. Added to Curve without any problems. Been using the card through Curve flawlessly. Instant Dozen’s notifications as well as Curve notifications.

Went back in time from Dozen’s to another card yesterday which worked great, although the “refund” description wasn’t accurate to Dozen’s.

Got my Yondacard yesterday, not tried it yet.


Ah yes. When adding the card same thing. But apart from that it works fine. I just chose the golden type card graphic.

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Am guessing Dozens have been given some BINs that Loot used to have??

Still no progress with my application - their support team couldn’t give a time frame either.

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I did raise this with Curve Support and received the following (regarding the Yonda card):
(Sorry not sure how to do the quote things from copy/paste).

Thanks for getting in touch. At the moment we don’t support Yonda card as we don’t generally support prepaid cards. Currently we only support:










However, we are adding more cards all the time and I’ll put forward your request for that card. We need to perform a risk review on each card, and judge it on a case-by-case basis. New cards are added every 6-8 weeks.

Please let me know if there’s anything else we can help you with.

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This has been resolved.