You already have a passcode set

Hi .
I was tring to do new account and by mistake i closed the app after writing the passcode , when i tried to open the app again . The request for passcode appears again and whenevr i tried to enter the passcode then confirme it i got a massage .
Coudnt creat a passcode
You already have a passcode set .
I tried everything oyher than using new email ( which i dont want to do ) to start the app but still stuck at this point and dont have the option to reset the passcode as i am still in the first stage for making the account .

did you try delete and reinstall app?

Yes i did .

I tried with another email .
Now i need another mobile number as the one i have already used in the first time !! . So i cant log in to change my email or passcode or mobile number . And i cant make new account either.

This is a known problem since at least October

I was actually browsing the forum looking for an user proposed solution as Curve support haven’t been able to provide any, well, support.

Thanks . Actually they didnt give any support yet…
After 5 days i got an email from some one in Curve support team who is probably didnt read my email and asked me to reinstall the app. So i send a replay and waiting for an answer again .

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