You can now vote on your favourite ideas posted on the forum!

Thank you to everyone who has shared their ideas on what they would like to see from Curve! You can now vote on your favourite ideas :smiley: :heavy_check_mark:

You’ll find the vote button by the topic headline.



I’ve just voted for something (and I’m glad I did because I like the idea) and it let me know I have 3 votes left.

Just a heads-up for other users. @Curve_Marie do you know if the vote limit is ever reset at all?

NB: I don’t condone vote spamming, but this made me conscious I only want to vote for the ideas I really like. What if something else comes up in the future and I’ve already used my votes? :see_no_evil:

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I’ll dive into the settings - I just assumed is was unlimited. New ideas will emerge over time and it should be possible to keep on voting :slight_smile:

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Updated! You can now vote thousands of times :tada:

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You get a vote,
And you get a vote,
Everybody gets a vote!





Great idea - is there somewhere we can see all the votes in a league table rather than having to go into each official topic?

I’ll look into the leads table :slight_smile: For now you can see the votes when browsing the Ideas category, don’t need to click on the topic.

Fab, didn’t see it before but must have been looking at just recent posts across all topics rather than just looking in that category! (or may have gone into suggestions and ideas rather than just ideas!)

OK now seeing them everywhere - not sure if a switch was flipped somewhere or I’m just paying more attention now!

Just finished going through and sorting them all :slight_smile:

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Just discovered this: if you click on “votes” in the menu it will be sorted by many votes each topic has received