You can now 👀 your bank balances

You can now :eyes: your bank balances


Good news – you can now see your bank balances on Curve!

Just add your accounts in the “My Money” tab to get a 360° view of your balances in one place.

We’ll show you the money.
What you do with it is your call.

To add your accounts:

  1. Open Curve app
  2. Go to “My money” (bottom right)
  3. Tap “balances”
  4. Add accounts

I really like this idea but I think it should be more accessible in the app.

Also, just some pointers so far:

  • Please allow users the option to reorder the account
  • Please also allow us to set nicknames as Plaid uses complex names in many instances
  • Upload/Update logos for financial institutions or allow us to do so

Also, Vanquis doesn’t work at the moment.


Does not work for me - gets stuck on a “click to continue” button.


Same as @nick69g for me, just hangs at the plaid “Click to continue” screen after authorising with my bank

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Yes I keep pressing click to continue and nothing happens.


This is a good start. It’s got a way to go before it’s useful, but it’s a direction I’ve been hoping to see from curve for a long time, so excited to see it starting :slight_smile:

Creation also fails for me

I got this with Amex, but managed to connect another account successfully

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As with most of the users who have complained that it gets stuck half way through adding an account, I am also experiencing the same issue.

It seems that the Curve app isn’t able to callback from the redirection link, which contains the url: (etc)

My guess is that the Curve app doesn’t affiliate with this link and therefore the browser doesn’t know what to redirect to and just hangs.


I don’t see this new feature on my app and it’s fully up to date?

I’m guessing it’s not rolled out to support all devices yet?


Tried to start by adding my HSBC account. Like others just hangs on the Plaid screen after I have authenticated in the HSBC app.

Same when I try to link Revolut.

Disappointing. Won’t try any more until hear is resolved.

Me too not option at all just done the update

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I’ve tried it with Barclays and it seems to be working it’s only a redirect tool which is Ok but easily open the banking app so it really doesn’t make much of a difference to me to be perfectly honest but a nice idea still

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Yes but why do I have to give Plaid permission to charge my Bank account just to see my balances?

I don’t recommend that anyone uses this service until Plaid remove this from the permissions they seek.

It literally only is balances… Cannot view any transactions.

This feature seems to have disappeared from my app now

It seems Curve has now patched this bug in a recent update. Linked my Monzo balance just now, woop!

And now it’s back again!

Same for me, can now link my Amex account.

Unfortunately, Creation is still broken. All I get is a page saying “The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.”

Just logged in and has now disappeared for me!

Just got another update on my phone and the feature has become available.

Got all my accounts set up with no hassle, I must say this is a very useful feature and I’m really liking it. I know Monzo has something similar but it’s included within their premium plan I think.