You can now 👀 your bank balances

Updated my app yesterday- still no such button

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same here - no button to “add balances”…seems that some users have it while others don’t…strange behaviour anyway

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This feature is amazing but I only have 1 issue… it would be soo much more convenient if you could add it to a different tab you have to go to 1 too many pages to check this, amazing feature it really is but for example where I have to go through…

Sign in -> my money and then insights at the top, the equivalent easy method for myself is tap barclays and fingerprint dome… its right there… if you gave us the option to change the way our home page looked that would be soo much better


I agree, the whole purpose of adding my Monzo balance to Curve was that I didn’t have to load up 2 diff apps to see this info. But having to navigate 2-3 clicks somewhat hinders it since I can simply double-tap on my phone and switch to Monzo in a brief second.

This is great news. Sync. is getting closed for Poland, so it’s good that I will be able to see my british accounts in Curve at least. Unfortunately, still I don’t see this option. I hope it will appear soon.

i also don’t see this feature on my android phone. App updated just now

Is this feature only available in the UK? I don’t see it in the German app store

Great feature… any plans for showing transactiom history as well - similar to many other open banking providers do?

Also can you show the final balanace somewhere? So that I don’t have to guess my current balance.

As many other users have suggested - will be nice to be able to rename some of these accounts. No rush for this

I have managed to successsfully add Amex, Barclays, halifax, natwest, nationwide, AJ Bell and first direct.

Any reason why it only appears on some people’s app and not others? I cannot access on mine even though all up to date!


@Curve_Marie…Hi ! I don’t see the tabs “insights” and “balances” after clicking the “My Money” tab. could you help ? thanx a lot ! pat.

I had this feature appeared and I linked some bank accounts to Curve, the next time I opened the app it was gone.

I had this too on the Android. I had to update the app via app store and this fixed the issues, at least for me.

I posted about this and also about initial difficulties about linking accounts (plaid screen just hanging) elsewhere on the forum but nobody from Curve seems particularly interested in responding.

Not a good start. My main current account is with Nationwide BS. Whilst app talks with Nationwide - response from Nationwide is “Sorry - something seems to have gone wrong”.

So that’s that then.

Have set up, but 2 main issues pop out:

  1. Virgin Money credit card shows the amount of credit available rather than the balance. Got a shock when it said £19500 instead of the balance of £500

  2. credit balances on Credit cards don’t show negative. My Halifax card is currently in credit by £1 due to a refund, but shows the same as if it were £1 in debt


Plaid cannot make connection to Nationwide BS today !!! :exploding_head:

I no longer have the feature on ios :thinking:

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Oh, you partnered with Plaid? Too bad their idea of “global coverage” is US, Canada and 5 European countries. So yet again Curve is not providing new services to many of their continental customers. If I remember correctly, Plaid has not added new countries for a long time (maybe at least a year), so I’m not holding my breath while waiting to use this feature. With Curve being a UK company, I wonder if it even works in the 4 EU countries right now, which would bring coverage down to a total of 3 countries. At least SaltEdge (who provided a similar service with much wider coverage) had to cut their EU connections due to brexit. It’ll probably get sorted out eventually, but with brexit, all schedule bets are off.

Hey everyone, not sure how I missed this topic! There was an issue with our new balances feature with Android devices when first released. Our engineers made some changes which should have solved it. If anybody is still having issues can you please let me know so I can pass it on?

Love these suggestions! I’ll pass them on to our Product team to take a look at.

At the moment you’re able to view only your overall bank account balance. We’re working on bringing you more insights into your statements, including the ability to view all your transactions. We’re not quite there yet but will be sure to announce once this is available.

We’ve seen some issues with connecting Nationwide cards. Our team are still looking into it but it seems to be connected to Firefox. It should work if you change your browser that’s used! (Don’t use Firefox).

Balances are only available in the UK at the moment but we’re planning to bring this feature to more countries in the future!

I’ll pass these points on to our Product team, thanks for highlighting!

Let me know if you have any other questions! :blush:


Thank you, look forward to new features. And thanks for bringing this new features.

I guess curve is moving to business of saving space on your phone as well :grin:

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