"You have reached your spending limits"

Today I attempted to make an online payment with Curve via a fairly new credit card. My payment was rejected, and I got a notification from Curve saying I had exceeded my spending limits. This confused me, as I’m at less than 20% of my daily, monthly, and yearly limits.

I tried with another card backing Curve, and the payment went through. Then I tried another payment with the original card, and it failed. Even after deleting and re-adding (and re-verifying) the card, payments still failed.

I then deleted the card and re-added it again, but this time I signed up for 3D secure when verifying it (I hadn’t enabled it on this card before), and after that I’m able to use it again.

Based on this, it seems like I had exceeded some limit on the card when it was verified without 3D secure. This was not obvious at all, however. I don’t think most users would figure it out.

This process could be massively improved by (a) giving an accurate message in the notification, and (b) having a way to re-verify cards without deleting and re-adding.


I’ve noticed this before - it seems to be a generic warning when it can’t process on the underlying card but not necessarily linked to Curve limits. Looks like this should be refined and made clearer.

What is your limit on the “new card” for internet payments? One case for this message is if the payment was rejected by the “normal card” (I would suggest more clear message for this situation…).

I’ve experienced this too. The underlying card can report the reason for rejection as exceeding a limit, e.g. a credit limit, transaction limit or periodic limit per day or week on money purchase transactions. Curve then reports this to the user with the same error message as if you had exceeded a Curve-imposed limit.


Yeah, I ended up contacting the underlying card issuer - turns out that they only let you make a small number of online transactions before enrolling in 3D secure. As every curve transaction is “online”, I quickly exceeded that.

I definitely think the error message could be clearer - it just said that I’d exceeded spending limits, and told me to contact Curve support, which made me think it was an issue with Curve rather than the underlying card. If Curve approve the transaction but the underlying card rejects it, then the notification should point you towards the underlying card.

Having a way to rectify it without deleting +re-adding the card would be nice too.


This is great input for the Timeline 2.0 project - thank you! Your feedback has been highlighted to the Product Team.

Timeline 2.0 description:
Get an enhanced view of all your transactions (including declines) in one place: all the information from your payments, the merchant, Google Places API as well as a central place for all your notifications.