Your Curve account has been automatically blocked as we don’t currently have any identity verification in place for you


I’ve been using Curve for about 17 months now, and all of a sudden, without warning, my Curve card stopped working.

The Curve App did not tell me anything was wrong, and of course they won’t let you speak on the phone to an actual person under ANY circumstances!

Eventually, I found an email that was sent that morning claiming to be from Curve, stating “your Curve account has been automatically blocked as we don’t currently have any identity verification in place for you”.

It requires me to follow a link in the email to enter ID and a selfie. BUT it won’t let me! It says “4Mb limit exceeded”. And Curve won’t speak to me until I’ve given them the ID!!

SO I’m totally Stymied! It won’t let me provide my ID via this link, AND they won’t discuss it with me until I do!

Way to Go Curve!

In the meantime, they have even failed to explained why there was ZERO warning that they had mysteriously lost my ID verification, and my card was going to be blocked. (Good thing I had other cards with me and wasn’t relying on “One Card to rule them all”!!!)

ALSO there’s ZERO indication in the Curve App, that this is the case either, or that my card has been blocked!

Further more Curve are taking DAYS to respond to me, they responded today, Tuesday to a message I sent last Thursday!

How do I know that this isn’t some elaborate ID theft exercise by a crook?

In addition Curve has been confusing my email and identity with that of a friend, and I strongly suspect it’s their own bungling that created this mess in the first place!

Sent by my friend JOHN from his verified Curve email, April 11th

Hello Harlene
Thanks for your email - this is John, not Geoff.
We have sent the links to you more than once, but something doesn’t seem to b working?
Is there a chance that you could look into this?
Many thanks

Curve’s reply, to JOHN’S email account, after he told them it is him, not me:

Hello Geoffrey

I’ve checked Geoff’s account and it seems John hasn’t applied the referral code yet.

So I could manually apply the referral code on John’s account, John must get in touch with us using hs verified email with Geoff’s referral code".

Please let me know how you get on.

Best regards,


Team Curve

The level of shoddiness and incompetence here on Curve’s seems staggering!

Hello @Geoffg,

Curve is required to verify the identity of its customers.

If the picture size is too big you have multiple options:

  1. Change the resolution in your camera settings.
  2. Make a picture before and then use a picture size reducer. (Google: “Reduce Image Size online”)
  3. Shrink the picture with a picture editor program on your phone.

Its very common to limit the upload size to prevent high storage and transfer costs.
(4MB is still a lot for a picture of an ID Card)

You can check the sender email address if its matches with one of curve’s domains. Good email programs verify the signature, that means no spoofing possible but this depends on the program/service you use. You can also hover over links in the email and check the destination. If the URL it not Curve or an KYC check service then its probably bad.

Depending on the current volume of tickets and priority of your ticket it can take some time until you receive a response. Replying to a ticket usually sends a ticket to the end of the line again.

Curve recommends carrying a backup card with you.

My phone does not allow me to reduce the resolution. Your limits are obviously much too small!

How do you justify giving NO notice before blocking my card?

You verified my identity when I signed up. IF you genuinely need to do so again, do you not need to provide an explanation and notice well in advance? Rather than just blocking my card with NO warning.

How do you justify or explain the ridiculous confusion on Curve’s part regarding my and my friend’s Identity?

How do you justify Curve taking five days to reply to my email, while my account is blocked?

I notice that you offer NO apologies of any kind.

Aga in, of there was any alternative for me for using Fitbit pay, there no easy I’d continue with Curve after this.

You don’t know the meaning of Customer Service. No idea whatever.

Total disgrace.

Btw, it’s NOT “a picture of an ID card”.

You require a selfie, and a photo of each side of my driving licence.

My phone is an ordinary phone, tw lo years old. If your system can’t cope with that it’s not for for purpose.

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Hello @Geoffg,

Im not from the Customer Service Team.

Im a normal user in this community like you, i use my free time to answer questions and help users.

I have given you multiple options which i know and would use, even if its a selfie atleast the image size reducer should help.

Depending on the current volume of tickets and priority of your ticket it can take some time until you receive a response. Replying to a ticket usually sends a ticket to the end of the line again.

In case of an emergency you can reply with “URGENT” or contact the social media team on Twitter @AskCurve so they can check your ticket.

There are multiple possible reasons why Curve probably needs to verify your identity again (expired documents, by law, …)

Thanks for the clarification regarding who you are. I should have realised that Curve wouldn’t reply so quickly.

I stand by my comments regarding 4,Mb. I am an IT professional and that is a tiny amount these days and this process that was touted by Curve to make the verification process easier should do so and not impose limits that are unworkable without special extra actions requiring specialist knowledge and distinguishing and downloading specialist apps.

If Curve won’t employ enough people to process queries quickly, and or cause so many problems that letter numbers of users are complaining or need help, they are seriously failing, and need to put things right.

The fact that you can’t ever phone a person just sums up the total inadequacy of their Customer Service and attitude to it.

None of my documents have expired, and in fact I was never asked by Curve for this sort ID info when I signed up.

No other financial service or card provider is asking for this sort of ID re-verification, and many other users have complained or cancelled their Curve account because of excessive and intrusive I’D verification by Curve.

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This is a user powered community so unfortunately there is a very limited staff presence.

I’m not sure about won’t, as Curve have employed a lot of customer service agents this year to deal with the above.

FinTech companies normally have extremely limited if they even offer it at all, phone support. If that’s what you vaule above all else then maybe FinTech companies isn’t best suited for yourself.

Maybe that could be why they’re now asking to see it. :+1:

Wrt Curve having a limited presences on this as a user forum, they aren’t communicating with me properly anywhere, or via any channel and I’m trying whatever I can to raise this issue and shame them into actually behaving properly and helpfully towards me.

Curve is s card provider and I’ve never before had a card or financial services provider that would not let you phone them. Sometimes you need help urgently with a product line this that you rely on.

But even that would matter less of they had channels of communication to which they responded quickly and helpfully, which at present they don’t and the there are Hundreds of complaints about that on this forum!

Being able to pay for things is a matter of personal safety and other providers take this seriously unlike Curve.

As far as going elsewhere is concerned, as already stated, if Fitbit pay world work with any other UK card provider that I can use, I would ditch curve in a heartbeat.

In response to “this is why they’re asking now”:

  1. If they didn’t need it then, and they’ve let me use my account for nearly 18 months without it, they need to explain clearly to me why they suddenly need it now,

  2. Most importantly, they’re not just “asking”, there point is they blocked my card with NO NOTICE, and won’t let me use it until I give them what they are demanding.

I see you are an investor and so have a stake in Curve, but you have chosen to ignore this key and totally indefensible fact.

“Leave all your other cards at home”, and be left without warning being unable to pay for anything, when your card is suddenly blocked without warning, when you’ve done nothing wrong!

Put THAT in your marketing Curve, and tell the truth, and see how that goes down with potential customers.

The best thing you can do to defend your investment is not to defend the indefensible, but to use any influence you have to get them to sort themselves out.

Hey @Geoffg, I’ve contacted the customer experience team to request that they escalate this issue. Please be assured that a member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible to help you with verifying your identity so that you can continue spending with Curve.

In the meantime, please remember that this is a user-led community and that your fellow users deserve to be spoken to with respect.

If you have been frustrated by your experience with our Customer Experience team then you’re welcome to follow the official process to raise a complaint by emailing at

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Thankyou Joel for your help.

I did not intend disrespect, nor think I was expressing any personal disrespect to anyone.

I was expressing severe frustration with the situation, and also with the previous lack of acknowledgement in this discussion, as it seemed to me, that my experience with Curve in this instance has been very seriously lacking.

Your escalation does serve as such an acknowledgment, and I’m grateful for that, and for your help.

Thankyou too for the info regarding placing a formal complaint, which I will make use of.

I hope and trust that you will consider this message acceptable.


Thanks for your response @Geoffg, I can understand the cause of your frustration and I hope our team are able to resolve this issue quickly for you.

Our complaints team specialises in reviewing the circumstances in which users haven’t received the level of service that our team strives to provide. They’ll be happy to investigate any internal failings for you and will be receptive to feedback on how your experience could have been improved.

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