"Your Curve Card is about to expire" - but it's not

I got an email saying “Your Curve Card is about to expire” and in the app it shows the new card is shipped, but I only got my card (investor card) this year and it expires in Nov 2023.

I guess the system didn’t update the expriation date when issuing the investor card?

Exactly the same email received here today, albeit with a Metal card rather than an Investor one! I forward the email on to Curve Support pointing out but looks like might be a system-wide issue.

@Hannah it might be worth you flagging internally? Looks like reissued cards haven’t reset the dates and it would be a bit waste of resources to be sending out unnecessary replacements!

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Have now received a reply from support confirming the email was in error and no new card has been generated.

no, and in Curve app it shows the card is shipped…

Yep just seen the same here - what a pain!

Hey guys, unfortunately some customers received these emails and messages accidentally! As always, it’s best to check with our support team so they can double check that a card hasn’t actually been sent to you.

I’m going to check with our team about the message appearing on your app - it might be the case of waiting until the next release until that disappears but I’ll try find out and keep you updated!

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I asked suport to check what’s going on and stop sending me a new card, support hasn’t replied the query I sent 6 days ago. I received a new card by post today, this is apparently not just a email or app display issue. I have 2 identical metal investor card now.

Both works? Cool then :crazy_face:

I assume only 1 card is working, and I have to activate the new card as I can’t see the existing card info in the app now.

@jil Did you manage to sort this out in the end?