"Your curve card is currently pending approval" problem

I’m having this message for 2 weeks now and curve card still hasn’t been send. How long will it take till you verify it? I send email to support but get no reply both from the app and mail.

Hey @artuyees, it may be best to send an email to support@curve.app if you haven’t had a response yet!

Do you have a funding card added can I ask?

That usually happens to Portuguese users such as myself. Appaling that Curve still hasn’t fixed such problem

Did you get any feedback from support for this? I’ve had the same issue now for 6 months.

I emailed support and I got a generic email back saying It’s a “known issue” that their developers will look at but to ‘Manage expectations’ they can’t give me a time frame. I.e. This issue is on the bottom of their backlog, and they have no plans to look at it soon.

I doubt I will ever be able to use their service, which is not good as they are now holding my personal data for no reason.