Your curve card is currently pending approval

Hi there, I have recently signed up for Curve and gone through the process via the app, provided my details, uploaded my current bank cards (all verified).

However on the “Card” tab it just says “your curve card is currently pending approval”.

Does anyone know what this means and how long it should take to get said approval / what they are needing to look for?


Hey @roheto :wave: Welcome to the community :smile:

This could be for a couple of reasons. If you’ve gone for a subscription tier (Black or Metal) and the subscription payment didn’t go through properly, this could hold up your card order.

Otherwise, it’s possible we would need to get further identity verification from you before it will be dispatched.

Have you tried contacting our support team at They can investigate this for you :male_detective:


I have same issue, I did wrote a message both in app and via mail you shared already 5 days ago and still I did not received any feedback.

any advise?