Your thoughts on the investor rewards?

So I read the email about the investment rewards and I don’t find myself jumping for joy.

So an investment of £999.99 will get you a plastic red card, the design is nice! So for many this will be great.

£1000 to £4999 gets you a metal card (good start) with a subscription for 1 year. Then when I felt deflated.

£5000 to £24999.99 gets you s metal card for 3 years. At this point my mind is thinking that it’s or representing 5 times the value of a £1000 investment.

The £25k investment looks good.

What I don’t get is this, why, as an investor do you have to have all the perks of the metal plan? Why not just have the metal card?

When reading this, it suggests that after 1 year your metal card will stop working and you would be downgraded to a red plastic card. In this instance why happens if you are on a grandfathered black card before the investment?


Regarding the £5000 to £24,999.99 and over £25,0000 plans it looks like it is not set in stone, ie. Proposition may change
I would be concerned if I had the “perks for life” plan and it could be downgraded. I just don’t see how that bit could be upgraded.

IMO I think this should be taken as an investment decision first an foremost - the benefits are marginal at the sides in comparison and I don’t think should be the driving force behind a decision.


Your right, but as with anything, people want a genuine perk.

Given that we may never see a return on our investment and that our capital is at risk, I think the least that can be done is to allow the investor the rights to resin the card provided at initial investment.

The biggest issue, and one still unanswered for me is this, why can’t curve set up 4 plans for plastic investors and 4 for metal investors. Grandfathered and existing plans, this allowing investors to remain on the same plan but with an investor card.

It’s crystal clear that investors that invest in the not plastic tier are fully expecting the metal card with no strings attached beyond what they are already attached to.

I personally think the tiers are wrong …

I think 1000 investment that you may lose for a metal investor card is a bit too rich for my blood seeing as I already pay for a metal subscription, and the red card just looks way cheaper than my current metal card so why exactly would I want it ?

I think anything under 500 should be plastic, 500 which is a more palatable risk for me should get you the black metal card similar to the current metal card but if you invest the 1000 or more you get a gold or platinum metal card.

Purpose is to raise cash, I don’t see the point unless I get a metal card and 500 is my personal risk cap.


With a cap of £1m for the crowdfunding, the purpose is most definitely not to raise cash.

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Where they say proposition may change, I’m wondering if they are referring to the terms of Curve Metal.

Where they say you can have Curve Metal for free for life, it makes sense to caveat that to say the Curve Metal proposition may change…that is quite likely at some point during your lifetime whether it be for better or worse.

I guess they wouldn’t need to say that for the 3 or 1 year free periods as it is unlikely to change during those time frames.

Well it either means that or it means it depends on how vocal our community is about what we are offering and also how well it goes down with the remaining investors outside of the community.

from grandfather cardholder, happy to invest 1k but if that would turn me into a metal subscription, I’m hesitating now.


That is quite possible…

So, I have Curve Metal. If I invested £10 for example, would my plastic card replace my metal card or would both be linked to my account?

Thinking to invest more than £10 but not in the region to get a metal investor card.

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You can choose, so keep your metal :slightly_smiling_face:

They say exactly the same on the 3 year deal.

So they do…obviously hadn’t read that as clearly as I thought. Maybe they can’t even commit to the Curve Metal proposition remaining as is for the next three years.

Or as @philipw points out, they may be referring to changing the reward offering for those investment tiers.

Time will tell…

I think they are specifically referring to the length of the Metal plan for free period. It does seem a bit haphazard at the moment. For example, £1,000 gets you a year (not subject to change), £5,000 only gets you 3 years (subject to change), so 5x the amount gets you 3x the reward. And the top tier, £25,000 is openended (subject to change).

Why did they not just simply say £1,0000 - 1 year. £5,0000 - 5 years. £25,000 - 25 years.

You would have thought they would have learned from the fiasco now surrounding the black legacy holders.

5x the amount gets you 5x the shares.


Maybe…I’m sure we’ll get confirmation one way or another soon enough.

This is where people aren’t getting the point of making an investment. It should not be done to get the reward they are offering. If you want 5 years of curve metal for £5k then simply invest £4,400, take the free year then pay for another 4 with the remaining £600. If they did the tiers you are suggesting then people would still complain saying things like “what about 3 years for £3k”. Crowd funding is not about about giving stuff for free. Existing shareholders wouldn’t be happy with that and it will put off future shareholders who are ultimately more important than us who may be putting a few hundred/thousand pounds into Curve.

Now I agree (and I’m sure Curve will as well) that the legacy black situation wasn’t properly thought through and ultimately was a fiasco, but I don’t see how people can have any issue with this. At the end of e day if the rewards are the most important factor in whether you invest or not you probably shouldn’t be investing…and if you’re not happy with them then you have the choice to not invest. There will certainly be enough people willing to invest with the current reward proposals…

As I and others have said…this isn’t about raising money so they don’t need to entice with free metal or other gifts…it’s about letting us own a piece of curve and having a vested interest in their success.


I’m interested in the £10 proposition (yup I’m cheap), but would that then change my tier or would it stay as Legacy Black? Is it just a different physical card? I don’t seem to see that anywhere.

From my understanding, but hasn’t yet come from an official source, as long as your investment is under £1,000 then our Legacy tier will be protected even with the red investor card.

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