Zero value authorizations

Hi everyone

What has people’s experience with zero value authentication and Curve been like?


In the chrome browser, Google will save card details and auto complete them for me.

If I add my Monzo card - it shows an active card check transaction of £0.00

The same thing happens if i goto a new website and try to use the card for the first time (using Google auto complete)

The zero value Auth is MasterCard’s allowed way to verify card details

If I do the same thing with my Curve card instead of my Monzo, it is a £1 Auth that hits my linked card as an Auth then an actual transaction!

Surely this shouldn’t happen and breaches MasterCard rules and regs?


At the moment, we can’t distinguish between pre-auths and normal transactions. The amount is taken from your bank account and held by Curve, waiting for the retailer to capture it.

This amount will either expire after a week, or the retailer may send a reversal message before that. After that, it takes between 1-5 working days to be refunded back onto your underlying bank statement, depending on your bank or card issuer.

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So just to be clear…

I put my card details in to add them to an app. The app doesn’t mention it’s going to take any money.

The app then processes a zero value authorization transaction.

You then change this to £1 and take the money from my linked card/account as an Auth then a settled transaction m

A week later you reverse this.

This seems very wrong and against MasterCard T&C’s for how to process these transactions…


Would be good to get an answer to this?

Our Complaints team is investigating your formal complaint with us about this issue and will respond to you with a formal response by May 2nd.

Fair enough.

Just surprised that I needed to raise this as a formal complaint when it seems so obviously wrong to do to your customers.

Is it possible to share Curve’s reply on this issue here? Can’t imagine what could be so delicate about this topic that it can’t be discussed publicly :slight_smile: